When a business looks at the demographic structures of its customers, by paying attention on the people who are currently buying a product or service they gain a clear understanding of who their customers actually are. Once a business acquires this knowledge, they can develop strategies about how to reach each target market and optimize their sales and marketing goals. By identifying groups of customers who have things like purchasing power, number of household or demographics in common the untapped potentials can be localized and when placed on a map visualized.

DATALINK helps place your customers on a map – visualize relationships between neighboring area, consumer types and consumer spending.

So how does it work?

Simply upload or import your address database and select the attributes needed from a wide selection of globally consistent and comparable data sets ranging from population, gender, number of households, age bands, education, marital status, consumer styles, purchasing power, consumers spending and  retail spending on a variety of different geographical levels.
MBI DATALINKEach address is geocoded, in which to find its exact geographical location. Once the location is known, the selected data from the chosen associated geographical area is appended to the address. e.g. customer address is in an area with low population number, high percentage of people over 45 years of age little to no children with an above average purchasing power. With this information, the marketing or communication directed at this customer can be optimized.

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